• The title is the nicknames given to Stan and Francine during the episode.
  • Francine carries a stick of butter in her purse in case of emergency after an incident when she was eight years old and got her head stuck in a stair bannister.
  • The song that plays during the free-running is "Street Fabulous" by Sté ÉLéCtro 2.
  • Stan mentions the only nickname he ever had was "Stan Frank" because he wrote in a diary, however in "Anchorfran" he mentioned the only nickname he had was "Stan the Man" because there was a female named Stan in his glass.
  • The song playing during the Cirque du Hey Hey Hey performance is "Pick up the Pieces" by The Average White Band.
  • Francine states in one scene that feels as gross "as the tattoo on Aida Turturro's left boob."

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