• Hulk Hogan's theme song "Real American" plays along with at the end of the episode when Hulk walks away.
  • Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" plays when Steve plays spin the bottle.
  • When Stan starts to give Hulk Hogan the brush-off, he calls him by his real name "Terry."
  • It's revealed that Stan has been working at the Havercamp Country Club every summer for three decades.
  • It's revealed that Roger has one persona that each member in the family can't see through. Examples include:
  • Stan thinks that Roger is the rich country club member, Mr. Vanderhill.
  • Francine think that Roger is the Korean kid who plays pool.
  • Hayley thinks Roger is her sandal repairman.
  • Steve thought Roger was Elisha Wilkner who later went on 7 dates; in reality 9 since Roger roofied Steve on 2 of them.
  • Francine longs to create a catchphrase, but she already invented "hill of bananas" in "Bully for Steve".
  • When Roger shows Stan his "farmer's tan", his sunburn is visible above his robe. A few moments later, the sunburn is no longer visible.

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