• Francine mentions that she tore "from her V to her A" giving birth to Steve, this is referenced again in "I Am the Walrus".
  • Francine talks about the c-section scar that she has from Hayley's birth but in "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever", Francine is shown to have delivered Hayley without surgery.
  • The song Stan has stuck in his head is "Silly Love Songs" by Wings.
  • The music played by the fan at Steve's book signing is "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly.
  • "Bad Boy", originally recorded by Miami Sound Machine, plays during Steve's bad boy montage.
  • Items found in Steve's mansion include Han Solo in carbonite, two rottweilers named Sulu and Chekov, and a Planet of the Apes bust which Roger mistakes for one of Ben Stiller.

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