British Agent: I have had sex with a lot of women, and I can tell you that you... should probably get tested.

Stan: OW! What the hell?'re a gun? I always thought you were an eyeball or something! Douche.

Stan: Dang... no tunes!

Stan: You told me you'd tell me if you became a robot! You broke a pinkie promise!

Stan: Beer, shaken, not stirred.

Stan: The name is Smith, Stan Smith.
Tearjerker: Didn't ask your name but okay.

Robotic Johnny Depp: I once found a robin's nest in Tim Burton's hair.

Stan: No, don't hug him Oscar! He's Hermann Göring!

Sexpun: Oh my God, you really are a virgin!
Stan: What, that's not good?
Sexpun: No, it's awful.

Scientist: You're a lunatic with the madman's dream of a milk-proof robot!!!

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