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  • This is one of the first episodes we see Roger showing interest in human women as previously it had been implied that Roger was gay in "Stan of Arabia: Part 2" and "Roger 'n' Me".
  • Roger later developed a real crush on Hayley in "Love, American Dad Style".
  • The boy's gym trophies have the figure of Freddie Mercury of the band Queen on top.
  • This is the second instance we see Hayley dress in provocative clothing intentionally. the first instance was in "Stan Knows Best" where she was a stripper.
  • This was the one time we see Barry find a non-medication form of dealing with his "dark side."
  • This is the first time we see Francine exercise at home, most often then not she is always seen cleaning and doing laundry, much like her counterpart Lois on the sister show Family Guy, who actually said in one episode that she exercises three times a week.
  • This is also the first time we see Francine in her workout leotard. She would later wear it in the beginning of "Shallow Vows".
  • Steve reports that Snot's mom has a wooden foot.
  • When Stan wakes the boys up and shows them the Smith "ranch," Barry is sleeping in a Hello Kitty sleeping bag, while Snot appears to be using a bra as a sleep mask.
  • The camera on Roger's computer resembles an Apple iSight.
  • According to the episode's commentary, to animate horses trotting, the staff had the assistant director for this episode, Anthony Agrusa, take a video of horses and transfer it to animation.

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