• The basic character design of Clown with Glasses is recycled as one of the clowns on the North American Federating of Clowning Academics board, being given red hair, a suit and recolored hat although the star remains.
  • Mayor Woodside appears for the first time since debuting in "Every Which Way But Lose".
  • The mural features Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Jesus, baseball player Nolan Ryan, and the character Schneider from the sitcom One Day at a Time. Hayley suggests Harriet Tubman as a replacement.
  • Roger says that Steve could be next Emmett Kelly, a famous clown, of sucking.
  • Stan plays Warrant's "Cherry Pie" in Hayley's Hideaway
  • Stan compares Hayley to Eva Marie Saint
  • Dr. Weizmann is ashamed to own a MADtv box set
  • Steve teaches a class on The Bell Jar.
  • Headlines in the Langley Falls Post read "Bad Woman Does Bad Thing" featuring Hayley. "Re-Restored Mural to be Unveiled" featuring Stan. A sub-headline in this paper reads "President Eaten Alive by Jackals."

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