There are several detective characters with the surname Turlington in American Dad. They look identical, and act in very similar ways.

They have similar mannerisms including speaking in a low voice and being suspicious of almost everything and everyone. All Turlingtons seem to have had emotional problems pertaining to their mothers, often trying to talk to them in heaven, asking for help or guidance. This, along with their physical appearances, implies that the Turlingtons are siblings.

The First Turlington

Turlington 2

The first Turlington appears in "Meter Made", working at Parking Internal Affairs. He is suspicious of Stan when the quarter count drops; in an example, Turlington tells Stan that he knows he could not be the culprit and immediately afterwards says that he is suspicious of him. At the end of the episode, he proclaims that he was suspicious of Stan but let his suspicions go after learning he is in the CIA. The given name of this particular Turlington is not revealed.

Ron Turlington

Ron Turlington

The second Turlington appears in "Chimdale" and is identified as "Ron" by Mr. Chimdale, the manager of the Chimdale Spa.

In "Chimdale", Turlington's role is that of a spa detective. He is immediately suspicious of Roger and Francine, who smuggled Hayley to the spa. In addition, he is unable to find a pistachio thief and upon discovering Hayley asks the Smiths to help him. However, he instantly realizes that Mr. Chimdale was the thief; Chimdale had devised an "elaborate" mystery to make Turlington the greatest spa detective since his father.

Daniel Turlington

Daniel Turlington Car

The third Turlington appears in "Live and Let Fry", protecting the border of Langley Falls from trans-fat smuggling. In this episode, he identifies himself as "Daniel."

All speaking Turlingtons to this point were voiced by Forest Whitaker.

An unspecified Turlington was to be a panelist for the Mayoral election in "Railroaded" before the segment is cut short.

Dirk Turlington


When a douchebag kills himself on a monster slide that Hayley Jeff, Roger and Klaus built in "My Purity Ball and Chain", they find Dirk Turlington snooping around. When they try to take down the slide, Turlington notes that the flight path the body took leads back to their slide. To prove their slide couldn't have caused the death, Hayley volunteers Roger to test it. Roger manages to slow his descent enough to convince Turlington the slide is safe, but at the cost of a significant portion of flesh. Dirk Turlington is voiced by Craig Robinson.