[Francine introduces herself to the neighbors]
Francine: Francine Smith. I just want to let you know that my husband watches you from our upstairs window.

[As Francine drags back the trash cans she asked Stan to take out]
Stan: Why would anyone go out in this heat?

Lewis: He doesn't speak for the cart.

Roger: It's the two hundred. Clear out y'all, you'll run faster without you stuff.

Greg: You big, black bitch!

Lewis: I'm not a killer Stan, I just want a slice.

Lewis: Did I getcha? You gotta say something if I gotcha. Them's apocalypse rule.

Lewis: All I want was a taste. We cool now, so be cool.

Greg: Stan, before the 200 kills us, I wanna tell you that... you were often an inconsiderate neighbor.

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