Universal Studios, also known as Universal Pictures, is an American film studio, and one of the six major movie studios. It is one of the longest-lived motion picture studios to be located outside of Hollywood. It is a division of American media conglomerate NBCUniversal.

When Steve and his friends find a crashed airplane in "American Stepdad", they find a copy of the script to Fast and the Furious 7 in the hands of the writer Randy Scott Knobson. At first they are excited by the action but soon find it is filled with homosexual sex scenes and themes. The boys are determined that the film should be made but remove the sex scenes. When they take it to Universal Pictures, the removal of the sex scenes cast doubt on the script's authenticity until Barry produces the remaining material. After the film is made, Betty Smith sees the film while in Paris and discovers she has already missed many of the gay sex scenes.

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