Verizin' Wireless is the cellular phone store that Stan believes holds the mainframe to entire company when he suffers hallucinations as a result of taking seizure medication in "Seizures Suit Stanny".

When Stan's texting causes him to crash after giving Hayley grief about her texting, he tries to cover it up by blaming it on a seizure. The doctor's give him medication, but when Jeff returns home from a business trip, he reveals he knows the true cause of Stan's accident and Stan wrecks the car again trying to stop him from reveling the truth to Hayley, blaming the accident on Jeff texting and driving. The doctor's decide to load Stan with more seizure medication as a precaution, causing him to suffer severe hallucinations in the form of his own talking calf who tries to convince him to kill Jeff.

Deciding to intercept the pictures from the cell phone company itself to discredit Jeff should he awake from his coma, his calf hallucination instructions him to travel to the store to smash the mainframe, wrecking the store despite protests from some employees that they don't even have a restroom while other tout the benefits of the phones he is smashing in his delusional state.

When Hayley calls to announce that Jeff has awoken from his coma, Stan breaks off his rampage to try to stop Jeff from telling the truth at the hospital.

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