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Vince- Helping Handis

Vince Chung is a very popular Asian student at Pearl Bailey High School.

He makes his first major appearance in "Helping Handis" when he is attracted to Steve's huge breasts.

In "Escape from Pearl Bailey", he is seen in the school election portrayed as a Christian weightlifter.

He made a brief appearance in "1600 Candles" as one of the bullies that gave Steve a swirlie.

He is mentioned by Snot in "Daddy Queerest".

He has a crowd scene cameo in "100 A.D.".

Vince teases Steve and his friends about having sleepovers in "A Piñata Named Desire" and overhears Steve's rant on the school PA in "You Debt Your Life".

In "License to Till", Steve becomes popular, and when an unnamed popular student knocks Steve's glasses off and a lense falls out. Vince then goes into a long speech about over the summer they would have become such good friends that he would have told him his darkest secret. Then an announcer says: "TO FIND OUT VINCE'S SECRET LOG ONTO "WWW.VINCEWASMOLESTED.COM" Revealing Vince's secret without the necessity to go on your computer.

He appears in the audience of Cirque du Hey Hey Hey in "Stanny-Boy and Frantastic".

Vince and a group of tough-looking guys play dodgeball against Steve and his friends in "The Scarlett Getter". After Vince and his group knock out everyone but Steve, Steve manages to catch the ball and knock out Vince and the group due to wearing Hayley's lucky panties.

Vince plays basketball while Roger and Stan continue their wrestling match in "The Wrestler".

In "Adventures in Hayleysitting", he is revealed to live at 212 Sherborne where he is mentioned as throwing a wild party.

Vince and Mertz give Steve and Snot swirlies in the bathroom in "Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure". After they declare them gay, Vince and Mertz proceed to kiss. Vince can also be seen in the cafeteria in "Scents and Sensei-bility".

Vince Chung is voiced by John Cho.

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