Roger: I blew the punchline. That's what it was. Still, the setup was rock solid.

Steve: They beat on him for 40 minutes, and they wanted fighting music the whole time. [wiggles fingers] Guess we both kinda got worked over.

[Jeff offers Hayley some opium to smoke]
Jeff: Are you still freaking out?
Hayley: Yeah, but terrifyingly slowly.

Steve: Do you think we were expecting too much from someone who came to town and was immediately beaten beyond recognition by a 70-year-old man?

Francine: I'm good with my hands in a way I'm not gonna describe.

Hayley: Makin' a lady dig her own grave when she's comin' down off opium.

Brian Lewis: I'll go to the northeast.

Roger: In a hundred years, when there’s a million jerks riding around Manhattan drunk in limos, the west will seem like a paradise.

Jackson: My pecker's been burning.
Bullock: Well, beat him with it.

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