Not the worst place

Worst Place In The World (Reprise) was a song in "Stan of Arabia: Part 2", which was sung by the entire Smith family. It was at the end of the episode when the Smiths come back to America.


Stan: Well...there's... free speech and there's gun control and lousy democrats!

The media's too liberal and everyone's too fat!

The women have careers and form opinions of their own!

We let our wives control our lives!

Francine: Damn, it's good to be home!

All (Stan, Francine, Steve, Hayley, and Klaus): Our lives aren't always great

In these United States.

But remember, boys and girls, ... it's not the worst... place... in...

the... world!!!!!

Steve - It's not the worst place in the world, yeah yeah!

Roger: Oh and what happens in Saudi Arabia, stays in Saudi Arabia.

Ok? Seriously.

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